Friday, December 12, 2014

Cookie Decorating Fun!


The Welch boys got a gingerbread decorating kit in their shoes from St. Nick last week. They had fun decorating, they had more fun eating the candy, and they had the most fun trying the (gross) cookie! We'll pretend that we did it first thing in the morning and that's why HK is in his pajamas... I don't know what to pretend to make Eli's shirtless-ness okay, believe whatever charitable story you'd like that puts my parenting in a positive light!

They're the 3 best friends that anyone could have....

Look at this trio of little ladies! My sister and my best friend and I were all blessed with daughters within months of each other. My Charlie came first in November, quickly followed by miss Isla in January and finally little Piper in June. Even with a span of 5 months between the oldest and the youngest, these gals will all be in the same class in school! This will finish out the third set of kids that my sister and I have managed to deliver close enough together to be in the same grade. Awesome planning? Crazy serendipity? Whatever it was, we'll take it. How lucky are we all to get to watch these three gorgeous girls grow up together?!

Piper (5 months)

Charlie (1yr)

Isla (11 months)