Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Crazy!

I'm not sure if it counts as nesting yet, I'm only 26 weeks along after all, but I have been on a DIY kick lately that cannot be rivaled! My husband can attest to the fact that I spend WAY too much time on Pinterest, to which I would say at least I'm doing some of the things I pin. And anyone who pins things on Pinterest would applaud that! Two of my recent projects were to make my own laundry soap and to re-do a free play table that I got from a friend of my sister's. I tackled the laundry soap first- the hardest part was finding all the ingredients, the funnest parts were crafting my container and mixing all the awesome-smelling soap in a garbage bag! Here is the finished product!
I love it sooooo much! I think it works 100% better than the super cheap soap I was buying. They tell me it will last a year but I'm doubtful. Even if it makes it 6 months that will be a lovely cost savings and how nice not to be running out of detergent once every 2 weeks!

My next project was to re-do a play table we've had for at least a year or two. It came to us covered in marbled contact paper which the boys and I pulled off one day about 3 months ago because I just couldn't stand the ugliness anymore. It was plain white underneath- not awful but not play room fun! I decided to spray it with chalkboard pain and add some of my own fun (but removable) vinyl stickers. It took me a total of 2 days to get it all finished. It awaits someone with muscle to help me put it back in my basement from my garage- I try not to do too much heavy lifting :) Here it is all done!
Eli loves tic-tac-toe so I thought on the chalkboard surface that would be a fun thing to play! I'm always surprised when my projects turn out how I picture them- probably because of my usual high failure rate. So with these two under my belt I'm off to newer, better projects! I'm going to tackle some closet dividers for the baby out of old CDs, maybe some painted curtains for my living room, and if I'm feeling really ambitious I'll make homemade soap to put in some cute molds my sister found! The possibilities are absolutely endless- or will be till I bring home another busy little body!