Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Annual Post...?

With any luck, maybe I'll make blogging a more than annual event. And in any case, I missed my June window so I technically can't even call this my annual update....but let's not dwell on all that!

The wee welch boys had an eventful year in some respects but not too eventful in others. To begin, my oldest son Eli had his first broken bone. He fell and broke his femur in February. The accompanying hospital stay, body cast, police investigation, and medical bills have all faded away in the warmth of summer like a bad dream but his limp remains evidence of the traumatic event! He will follow-up in December with the MD and his bum leg will hopefully have grown enough for some length equality.

My little Henry remains peanut-ish. He was less than 10% in both weight and height for his age at his appointment this month! Prior to his older brother's medical issues in February we had been fairly concerned about his complete lack of teeth at 18 months old. However, a body cast supersedes a gummy grin any day, and with our attention focused elsewhere he has since sprouted 8 teeth with 4 more on their way! Apparently the old adage "A watched pot never boils" applies to so much in life.

At 4-1/2 and 2 years old these boys rarely sit, constantly talk, and occasionally test their parents' patience but all in a good-natured way! We just returned from our favorite vacation in the North woods and being able to spend a solid 2 weeks of pure playing with the kids was a treat for both me and their dad!

As we move into August, we are embarking on a new endeavor as a family and this is really why I think I must start blogging again. In an effort to be home with the boys more I've taken in some little ones and you really can't watch 4-6 kids a day (including my own mind you) and not have some perfect bloggable moments! Day one was yesterday, an 8-month-old and a 10-month-old joined us for the first time together. Not much to report aside from 2 things:

1. I'm apparently woefully out of practice with baby feeding as I sent both children home looking as if I had just flung their baby food at them in hopes of hitting their mouths instead of carefully sitting them down with bibs on in a highchair and slowly spoon-feeding them which is what I actually did. Sorry for upping the stain-spray usage!

2. You should never, ever gloat about having all the children sleeping at the same time. This brings karma down on you hardcore and even if your house is completely silent and even if said children have been laid down in the perfect napping condition (fed,dry,snuggled), one of them will wake up to teach you this valuable lesson. I should know because I just learned it yesterday!

So look for more to come on both my 2 boys and their fall adventures as well as any more babysitting tales! With any luck, or maybe just better planning, I can continue to blog at least twice this year. (I'm big into setting realistic goals for myself....)  And if I'm really good, I might even post a picture or 2 instead of relying on my awesome sister for putting photo proof of my kids' existence on her own blog :)