Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There was a little girl who had a little curl....

Do you know the rest? It's not the sweetest nursery rhyme you'll ever hear but sometimes with Miss Charlie it seems to fit! Here are a couple pictures of her curls, mama tried a little gel to get them to hold better but there's no gel out there to get the child herself to hold better....seems to fit the rhyme!

New Kids on the Block

What a wonderful and magical Christmas we had at the Welch house! We spent lots and lots of quality time with family and friends, ate our weight in Christmas cookies, and did Advent Acts of Kindness all month long to remind us of the reason for the season. Our celebration was topped off in the most awesome way on Christmas morning when Santa left 2 small bundles for Eli and Henry. We are happy to introduce our two new brothers, Shadow and Scratch :) Aren't they about the cutest little furry ones you've seen?
Shadow (left) and his little brother Scratch
The boys have been having a blast with them ever since. They are playful and huggable, just the right mix of snuggling and activity for a 4 and 6 year old. Santa was kind enough to bring them already litter trained and they settled right in. We can't imagine our house without them now!

 Henry's kitty is Scratch
Eli with his buddy Shadow

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cookie Decorating Fun!


The Welch boys got a gingerbread decorating kit in their shoes from St. Nick last week. They had fun decorating, they had more fun eating the candy, and they had the most fun trying the (gross) cookie! We'll pretend that we did it first thing in the morning and that's why HK is in his pajamas... I don't know what to pretend to make Eli's shirtless-ness okay, believe whatever charitable story you'd like that puts my parenting in a positive light!

They're the 3 best friends that anyone could have....

Look at this trio of little ladies! My sister and my best friend and I were all blessed with daughters within months of each other. My Charlie came first in November, quickly followed by miss Isla in January and finally little Piper in June. Even with a span of 5 months between the oldest and the youngest, these gals will all be in the same class in school! This will finish out the third set of kids that my sister and I have managed to deliver close enough together to be in the same grade. Awesome planning? Crazy serendipity? Whatever it was, we'll take it. How lucky are we all to get to watch these three gorgeous girls grow up together?!

Piper (5 months)

Charlie (1yr)

Isla (11 months)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Charlie Turns 1!

Happy Birthday to our sweet little pumpkin! She had an awesome day celebrating her birthday with friends and family on Thanksgiving. I was excited that the food was an absolute no-brainer! Here are a couple of pictures of her enjoying her pumpkin cake!

Climbing the Wall

We recently joined the YMCA and it has an amazing climbing wall. My oldest was instantly ready to tackle it and my middle eventually came around as well! The little monkeys make it look easy, maybe old mom will try it one of these days!

Full Circle

Since my last post before I disappeared from the blog-sphere was all about Halloween, I'll do a quick Halloween post to give our hiatus some closure! We had a wonderful week in Disney World with the whole Piper family the week before Halloween. That being said, the evening of costumes and trick-or-treating was complicated by an early morning wake up call (4am) to catch a plane home, freezing temperatures with howling winds, and above all a baby girl who was DONE! Enjoy the pictures, not many were taken because of the aforementioned complications! :)
We have a dolphin trainer, two skeletons, a strawberry, a mad scientist and Spiderman!

The poor little strawberry said no thanks to the cold!