Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Take 2

Wordless Wednesday

Motherhood is.......

.....blowing bubbles until you hyperventilate because it makes your baby laugh and say "pop!"

.....finding a spot on your pants to wipe snot that you know your shirt will cover- thanks goodness long t-shirts are 'in'!

.....being okay with your little one eating old cheerios off the floor because if you weren't you'd be constantly sweeping and who has time for that?

.....squeezing your hips down park slides, water slides, into swings because your baby isn't quite old enough to do it alone but he loves it all!

.....putting buckets on your head and 'sneezing' them off 92 times because he thinks it's hilarious.

.....still checking for breathing well past the stated SIDS risk age during long naps.

.....counting ketchup on fries as a vegetable for at least one meal a week.

.....kissing your baby on the lips whenever he offers them up for one despite the ever-present snot that inevitably strings between you as you pull away.

.....being delighted when your little love learns how to pull his own shirt up to wipe off aforementioned snot.

.....packing no less than 25 different snack options for long road trips and emptying no less than 24 of them out of his car seat at our destination.

.....loving every day and stage more than the last one!