Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home Alone

Dylan and I made the long trek back from our wonderful MN vacation alone this year. We left Eli in the very capable and fun hands of his aunt, Meemaw, and Poppa. He is having a blast- just visit my sister's blog www.webedinks.blogspot.com to check out his letters home. It's like he's at camp!

I have to say that Dylan and I have been at loose-ends without him. We watched TV last night for about 2 hours, nothing was on but we had nothing to do without our little boy keeping us busy! However, that has all changed today. We closed on our new house and NOW I can begin the work of cleaning, unpacking, and organizing! I am more than relieved to finally have something to keep me busy and keep my mind off missing my boy.

In honor of our next project, i.e. project Henry, I have changed both my background to be a little more baby boyish and the title of our blog to reflect our upcoming addition. I have had stern discussions with him regarding his arrival day (no earlier then next Wednesday) as well as his advanced growth (my personal midwife thinks he is slowing down and I measured right on track today). He is a good little listener! We are getting very excited to meet him, right after I get my new house all settled :)