Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Littles Head to School!

Henry and Daniel were both very excited for their first day at preschool! Hopefully Henry is just as excited tomorrow when he has to go it alone and be "mommy free" for an hour :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

iPhone Expirementation

So the last two posts were handily using photos from my iPhone. So convenient! Why has it take me so long to realize I can blog with pictures off my phone? Probably from lack of computer savvy :) I really need my brother Tim and my sister Cammie to live with me and help me navigate this world of iPhones. So I've now decided to try to upload a short video that I took earlier in the summer of Eli learning to skateboard.....

I'll trial post this and see if it works! If not I'll try, try again :)

The Big Brothers

Here are two pictures of my soon to be big brothers! They are both very excited for the baby, although Henry has less of an idea of what to expect than Eli. Eli is certain we are having a girl, as is his cousin Eva. Henry says boy more than girl but has picked a name for each. He's chosen Snaps for a boy and Apple for a girl.... Mommy hasn't signed off on those, although Snaps Welch has a nice ring to it!

Our Next Project!

A friend (Sarah Murphy) once said that you can tell if someone is expecting a new baby because they stop blogging :) Now, that has not always been true in my case, it's usually just good, old-fashioned laziness on my part. But not this time! So here is the first picture (of many I hope) that I'll post of our newest Wee Welch addition!

We don't know what kind of baby we'll be getting this time. Dylan opted for the surprise option! We'll find out come December!