Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nap Time Posting

Please enjoy the major picture posting I did while the boys napped today- I'm trying to catch up on all the cute pictures I have taken but never posted!

My Bears Boys

Heading to the Bear's game on Sunday- maybe E will let daddy borrow his jersey!

Congrats to our favorite Newlyweds!

Aunt Lacey doing some light reading with E- our favorite book was Xena :)

Aunt Andrea with her buddy- besides Venna, she's the only dance partner Eli would take at the wedding!

Aunt Lacey with her godson, Hank.

Good Friends!

This is Eli's new crush, Venna. Too bad she lives all the way out in Omaha- we can't wait to visit again!

Our buddy CJ! I'm not sure who took this picture, but I suspect it was Eli....

Best Big Brother

Eli still loves his new little brother- he's a great help to his mom (most of the time!).

Henry hearts his bathtime!

2 Months Old!

Our little Henry is a big smiling boy now! He will grace you with his grins as long as his belly is full and his diaper is empty :) We love it!!!