Monday, August 20, 2012

Camera Clean-Off

I recently cleaned off my camera (earlier today) and it was fun to look at the span of pictures that were there! I thought I would post some of the highlights, starting with October 2011....

I went on my very first girls-only trip to Las Vegas with my 2 best gals in October- it was beyond fun!!

Here are my sweet boys, this is in November 2011.

 Here is Eli modeling an outfit of his own design in January 2012.

 Here is Eli in one of the first and only snows we had last winter in January- not much to play in but it made him smile!

 Here are the brothers again, buddies then and buddies today! This was also in early January 2012.

 Here is my big birthday boy in February 2012, he's reading his card first like a good present opener!

 Here is Mr. Henry on Eli's birthday playing in his room. It must have been a lazy day because this was an 'Eli' photo and he also took a lot of me in my pj's talking on my phone (didn't feel those needed to be included!)

Here is a picture of Eli post-leg break. We were doing a little kitchen dancing, he danced from his wheelchair!

 Eli's view from his chair of me and my dancing partner Henry- look at that long baby hair!

 Eli's view of himself from his chair, this was after he had to have extra cast material added, his choice was green of course!

And finally, here is a picture of our Eli all recovered and playing in his first soccer game on Saturday. Check out that action shot! 

My heart is all warm and fuzzy because looking back over these pictures makes me feel like my boys haven't changed THAT much and for that I am grateful! They are both at ages that if I could I'd keep them at because they are so much fun and together have a great time playing!