Monday, May 18, 2009

My Friend Eva

Eli wants to tell everyone what he loves about his girl. Here are some of his favorite things....
My friend Eva can fit in small spaces!

My friend Eva really gets into her chocolate!

My friend Eva rocks the sunglasses!
My friend Eva always has awesome hair!

My friend Eva can ride a pony with the best of 'em!
My friend Eva plays in the rocks with me!
And best of all, my friend Eva loves to snuggle! (Eli's mommy likes this one best too!)

My Friend CJ

Eli wanted me to post some pictures of his good friend CJ. He says to tell you all that he has had a great time hanging out with his buddy so much lately, they get to swing and play with the busy ball popper and eat snacks and crawl/scoot/walk around and take walks and eat out and all sorts of fun stuff!

A Post for Cammie

So, my sister's computer is on the fritz and has been for about 2 weeks! In it's absence, I thought I would download some of the hilarious photos she took this weekend at her house. Eli and I practically lived there while Dylan was away in WI fishing with his dad. As I reflect back, I realize that out of the 12 meals I had while he was gone, I ate not a single one alone! I would like to put down in writing that we will never NEVER move! Being this close to my sister is too much of a gift to both me and my son. Thanks for everything this weekend Cammie!
Playing nicely together.
Playing and chowing on some snacks!
Eli in his homemade cape (a rag). He obviously loved it!
Miss Eva at her very silliest and very cutest!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Walkers!

As a follow-up to the dancing video, we have a super exciting walking video! We can both finally say "Yes, my child IS walking"! They are getting braver by the day- what a change to see them both toddling around :) Thanks so much Cammie for downloading these fun videos on my computer!

The Dancers!

Our babies decided to do some dancin' in Cammie's new baby's crib- just testing it out for the mommies who put it together with their extremely helpful little hands!