Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here He Scoots!

As promised, a video of Eli scooting down the hall to find either Dada or the kitty. Isn't he just too funny?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Four shots later

Can you believe that? Four shots? They wanted it to be five, but I had to draw the line. He's so little still, and his legs are skinny- I don't think they could have taken five pokes. Or maybe I couldn't have taken five pokes to my sweet little man. Either way, we held it down to four.
He did great at his one year appointment. He's doing well developmentally. Even though he doesn't crawl (he still just scoots around on his bottom) the pediatrician didn't seem concerned. We also asked about his picky eating, which started around nine months. She offered a few tips. Unfortunately, Eli was there to hear them and they haven't been super effective as he must have already caught on! :)
His one year stats are as follows: Height: 30.5 inches
Weight: 20# 15oz

I want to note some of my favorite things about Eli right now, so a year from now I can look back and remember who he was. Like I mentioned, he scoots everywhere on his bottom (I must post a video, it's pretty funny to watch), and he especially likes to scoot after the kitties. That was, incidentally, his first 'word'. He can say kitty and he knows what it means. He also says dada, nigh-nigh, and moo. He can say mama but he still doesn't know it's me! I can just as easily be dada or kitty. He loved getting into our cabinets right up until we put locks on (he was pulling out some of our sharper instruments). Note the christmas jammies and withold judgement- you go with what's warm and fits!

He loves to stand and cruise around furniture and walls. He also likes standing up in front of the dryer and 'helping' me by taking out all the clothes, which is truly helpful when they are dry, not as helpful when they are wet. He brushes his teeth everyday, usually twice. He'll sit at my feet while I try to brush and whine until I had him my rinsed tooth brush to chew on and then we brush with his own little one in the bath. He can also comb his hair- it usually looks fabulous when he's done! He has eight teeth that continue to make him look mischevious when he smiles. But, all those teeth and not much of an eater! If you refer to an earlier blog of mine this was one of Dylan and I's goals for him.....I guess kids have mind's of their own?! He does, however, love the new giant rice krispies- and eats them with gusto (see picture)!

And finally, his most favorite thing of all, besides his minky, is playing with our Eva! They sit and play, scoot/crawl and play, cruise and play, eat and play... pretty much any activity can be done together. When they've been apart and then see each other again they giggle and literally vibrate with excitement! I think Cammie would agree that it is the most fun to watch them interact and play together. Plus, Eva shows Eli fun things like how to work all the noises in her dollhouse and how to pull our cable cord out from the wall. Isn't that what cousins are all about? Our first year with Eli wouldn't have been the same without our beautiful girl!

Dylan and I have loved every minute of our first year with Eli. Typing it is weird, I still can't believe he's a year old! Fastest year of my life! We are looking forward to walking, talking, even sassing! He is so much fun and even after of year of constant companionship he's still one of my favorite people to hang out with!