Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eli's First Haircut

I debated for weeks.... Is it too soon? Am I going to cry? Will he look really different, and all grown-up? But it got to the point that he was looking like a little rag-a-muffin on a daily basis, regardless of combing, using gel, spraying, using spit, etc.

So I made the call....and scheduled his very first haircut!

Luckily for me I have an awesome hair stylist that I love and I knew that she would be just as excited to be cutting it as I was to be photographing it. And she was. Dylan got to tag along and be the 'lap' so that I could focus on getting some snapshots. Eli was an absolute doll- he didn't mind at all!

Here are my boys getting all ready for the scissors. Notice the dorky center part in Eli's hair- not sure why it looked like that but it only reinforced my decision to trim it!

Here he is after getting it all wet down. He was checking himself out in the big mirror.

The introduction of the dum-dum sucker was a huge hit and made the haircut much easier if not a little sticky :)
Almost done....
....and finally, enjoying lunch with his best bud Eva in a smashing new hair-do!

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MamaMiller said...

Such a stud! I'm glad they left the length on top :) I'm also impressed he will still wear a bib. Mason tears them off :(